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Tim McSweeney

Tim McSweeney was a family friend and long time member of FDNY.

Tim spent his entire FDNY career at Ladder 3. Tim’s father is a retired FDNY battalion chief. The Fire Department is obviously in their blood. Tim is survived by his wonderful wife, Debbie and three beautiful kids. 

We have great memories of Deb and Tim ... especially their wedding. That was one hell of an Irish bash! We wouldn’t have expected anything less.

The events of 9-11 aside, Tim was a true fireman. He was an even better father and husband. In all honesty, Tim was the most genuine person you would ever meet... he defined “good guy!”

He is missed by his friends and his FDNY brothers. He is most deeply missed by his family. It is truly unfair that his children will grow up not having his love and guidance as a father.

We’ve known Deb and Tim for quite some time: we still can not believe that he is gone.

We wish you all the success with the Ladder 3 Assistance Fund. It is a splendid gesture but Lord knows it will never replace these families’ loss.
[PLEASE NOTE: The Ladder 3 Assistance Fund is now closed]

No one will ever forget.

Mari and Jim Calvin